What we dO

For 5 decades we’ve been immersed in the manufacturing process, specializing in essential printed materials like booklets, instruction manuals, labels, tags, forms, business cards, brochures, postcards, and more.

We offer print management services for our clients, which allows us to ship your order, the same day you place it.

Most manufacturers primary goals is to make sure their production line doesn't go down, and we rise to the challenge of ensuring it.

As a large run facility we're based in St.Catharines ON, and we provide services directly to manufacturers of all sizes.

Who we Are

Econoprint's story, rooted in 1976, has echoed through the decades. Our father, envisioning the business, transformed it into a trusted partner for manufacturers. Specializing in essential printed materials and
lead the national association of quick printers.

Today, my brother James and I, Steve, proudly carry this legacy. We blend our family's rich history with a deep understanding
of manufacturers' needs.

Ensuring every print reflects both our heritage
and our clients' precise requirements.

Some of Our Products


Non-Tear Tags


Ncr Forms

Business Cards



and so
much more!

BOund books

Some of Our Trusted Clientele

How to find us:


329 Welland Ave., St.Catharines,

Mond-Thur 8:30 - 5:00
Frid Until 3:00